Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mr. Chan @ Sea Point

Mr. Chan was a treat for a group of us not too long ago. Ray would say its the best Chinese restaurant in town! Certainly from the photos I got, we can see we could not focus on the photos after eating some first! That was a delicious meal for sure.

At Mr. Chan, one can get the popular flavors for the Westerns like sweet-and-sour pork and spring rolls OR the most authentic Chinese food. We had crispy duck pancakes which was the most amazing thing, I personally have always love duck pancakes. Fresh steamed fish was the best way to cook to taste the true flavor of a fish, no fish and chips' way!

We ended the perfect supper with fried banana balls, not too sweet or sticky, was just right. The lovely meal was all thanks to Mr. Chan (9/10).

Mr. Chan Chinese Restaurant
178 Main Road, Sea Point

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