Monday, 20 August 2012

Mezbaan @ Cape Town

Mezbaan is a Northern Indian restaurant inside Hilton Hotel in City Bowl and to be perfectly honest, none of us knew what food to expect. Reason? The family (my very Chinese family including 80 year old grandma!) was invited by brother's new South African girlfriend to have supper together.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated and it was a pleasant dining environment. I really cannot judge from what we ordered, I do not know how each food is suppose to taste like besides the butter chicken. I have ordered it from Eastern Food Bizzar and Passage to India. Brother's dish was too spicy, dad's sausage had too much salt and the butter chicken was just right.

It was just an eye opening experience. My dessert was two balls in sugar water?? I left very confused, no scoring for this one as I can't make a fair judgement. I must learn more about Indian cuisine, that is all I'm saying.

Here is another read on Mezbaan

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