Tuesday, 26 June 2012

So, what is your Nandos sauce?

Everyone must have a personal preference when it comes to Nandos sauce, unless you are one of the few who does not like Nandos or grilled chicken. Too bad for you, because grilled chicken with Nandos sauce is very delicious!

I actually eat Nandos relatively often compare to other take away places because they have a good deal family meal and it is more healthy than KFC & McDonald. My Nandos sauce was the mediterranean sauce, but it is no longer available so I now go for mild. I have also tried tangy tomato, it is not bad but does not have the spicy touch so if you are not chili friendly, tangy tomato is a great choice.

Still remember the first time I ordered Nandos, little did I know, I was so foolish. I thought I could handle the peri peri sauce?! I was in grade 10 that year and was out with a bunch of older guy friends lol, I made a fool of myself because I was almost in tears trying to finish that chicken. Oh memories.

The photos were taken at Nandos Milnerton on Koeberg Road.

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