Saturday, 7 July 2012

34 South @ Knysna Waterfront

I recently had a mini holiday along the Garden Route with family members from overseas so when we got to Knysna, I had to order some oysters for my family. Knysna - home of oysters! We ended up in 34 South by the Waterfront.

34 South is a bit of everything: a restaurant, a shop and a bar..etc. We got a warm spot by the fire so grandma can stay warm, ordered some seafood and sushi to enjoy. Oh and grandma loved the bread from 34 South, we had to ask the waitress to bring us more bread.

We had seafood platter, sushi platter and some oysters. To be honest, I cannot remember much of the seafood platter, it was like a slightly more fancy version of Ocean Basket's platter. The sushi on the other hand was very decent quality, we really missed having rice after a few days of traveling haha (damn Asians!).

The oysters I ordered were medium sizes (R15/each) was very fresh, I did not want to have any due to bad childhood experience. Uncle offered me one saying it is very fresh and I enjoyed it, it was not as nearly as bad as I imagined!

34 South overall I think is a good choice to eat at the Knysna Waterfront, the chance of you getting something yucky is low. I give it a 8/10.

P.S. The place is not that easy to find, just follow the arrow by the elevator.

34 South
044 382 7331

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