Sunday, 24 June 2012

Buffet Breakfast @ Table Bay Hotel

Oysters for breakfast?!

My salad after having numerous plates 

What is the most exciting thing about staying in a 5 star hotel? If you ask me, it would be the breakfast buffet for sure! The boy happened to won a one night stay at the Table Bay hotel by V&A Waterfront so we packed our bags quickly and enjoyed a night of luxury.

The breakfast buffet was set up beautifully with numerous choices. You can get your hands on some delicious pastries, salad, fruit, cereal, bacon, meat sausages and many traditional English breakfast options. Also, you can have sushi, miso soup and enjoy freshly made waffle at the waffle bar. There is also a small section for sugar free options.

I was seriously overwhelmed by the choices, I wanted to try as many things as possible! At the same time, I need to calculate the space in my belly carefully not to have any regrets. The plan was have a big brunch so I can skip lunch.

The story ended up not too badly, I only regret about the small portion of noodles that tasted like noodle mixed with sweet chili sauce alone with no other seasoning. The rest of the food was very enjoyable, I ended my meal with a croissant and chocolate spread.

Loved the experience even though I am not sure if I have to pay for it, would I enjoy it as much? It is a 9/10 from me.

She Says.

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