Sunday, 13 May 2012

Quick Friday Night Supper - Udon Noodle

This was my Friday supper, a quick & easy udon noodle soup with:

- Cantonese meatball
- Shiitake mushroom
- Zha Cai (Chinese style pickle vegetable)
- Broccoli

Thoughts & tips after the meal:
- Broccoli was very soft, should have put into the water much later or use something like lettuce or Chinese cabbage
- The shiitake mushrooms we got are dry ones, best to prepare earlier by soak in water first
- The pickle vegetable comes in very small packet, easy to use. I like them.
- All the things are available in Chinese Supermarket, we go to the one by N1 City (you can see it from Virgin Active)
- Meatballs are not cheap but extremely easy to use. Cook in soup or chop to stir fry, as you wish
- Udon noodle are in very small packets as well, portion is average

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