Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Braai @ Home - Beat inflation!

How proper was my salad? Had to use the feta!

The must haves

& the drink

& the meat!

Oh South Africans love to braai for sure and the difference between South African braai and what I experienced back in Asia. South Africans view braais as a very simple thing, not much hassle, not much planning, just bring meat. In Asia, braaing takes more planning & more variety of food needs to be prepared and it is not always so easy to find the space to braai. Not everyone have space at home so often, braai happens in parks & riverside.

We had a very simple braai over the public holiday as the family is eating out less these days, tough times! I prepared a simple salad with green pepper, tomato, lettuce, sweet corn and feta cheese. We had to use the feta cheese from Fruit & Veg's Wednesday special a few weeks ago. Because of the cheese, I did not make the Thai salad dressing I was thinking of.

Garlic bread is a must have for me when we braai, I was so stubborn on having a garlic bread. We went to three different supermarkets just so I can have my garlic bread! I am difficult sometimes lol.

Not much I can say about the meat but if you have not lived in South Africa then when you come visit, you must try Jimmy's Sauce with your meat. It is simply amazing, I love my chicken wings with Jimmy's. Yum, I am drooling as I am typing!

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