Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Potter's Garden @ Kleinmond

Casual Dining ‧ Potter's Garden

What is available today

Chicken Pie & Rice

Smoked Salmon Salad

View on the side

We actually found this place from the GPS! On a Sunday we drove towards Betty's Bay, wanting to go to Harold Potter Botanical Garden. We got hungry around lunch time and had no idea where to do so I picked this place from the GPS.

What a cute place with colourful table setting under a sunny day. The menu was pretty straight forward phew, as I often got no idea what goes in restaurant menus! Potter's Garden offers breakfast, savoury pancake, pasta, burgers and other homey food.

There is a little flower/herb garden right next to the restaurant to take a look while you wait for your food. Hence the name Garden Restaurant. I know my mum would love this place, she is one plant freak lol.

The food was decent, although not excellent. Potter's Garden offers a comfy dining experience and I rate it 6/10.
-She says

Potter's Garden Restaurant
14 Harbour Road, Kleinmond, Overberg
028 271 5505

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