Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pork with Cabbage - Super Easy!

We were wondering what to make over the weekend as eating out is just too costly these days. While I was walking through Woolworths food store, I remembered the simple pork recipe from the Japanese manga -  "Genius Chef  Han Zou" (Japanese: おかわり飯蔵 & Chinese: 天才廚師飯藏). The "Genius Chef Han Zou" is about a young man with extensive food & cooking knowledge try help out people around him with food. "Genius Chef" offers very simple everyday recipes using ingredients that are available easily.

The simple "Pork with Cabbage" is in book 1 chapter 8, here is all you need:
- Thinly sliced pork
- A few layers of cabbage
- Salt
- Cornflour
- Sake (1 teaspoon) or rice wine
- Egg (optional)

1. Chop the cabbage or tear the cabbage leafs by hand into medium to large pieces
2. Place the cabbage on the wok
3. Add a pinch of salt to the meat and mix it
4. Add a pinch of cornflour to the meat, make sure it covers all the meat
5. Put the meat on the cabbage, make sure the meat does not touch the wok surface
6. Add a teaspoon of sake & egg
7. Put the wok cover on and heat up the wok to mid-temperature for 5~7 minutes
8. WALA, the meat will be soft and tender - ready to eat!

The photo above is after I stirred as the meat must not touch the wok surface during the cooking process. This was very quick and easy, perfect for lazy cookers like myself.

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