Monday, 24 September 2012

De Kloof Hotel Breakfast @ Swellendam

De Kloof is a boutique hotel in Swellendam, we got to enjoy the breakfast there on a lovely weekend in September. The breakfast is not a buffet but you can order as much as you would like. The portion of the meal was huge, I could not finish everything I ordered. Everything was freshly made and delicious! (9/10)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Old Mill Restaurant @ Swellendam

Over the weekend we drove to Swellendam for a small getaway, what a quiet town. Almost all the shops were closed besides the R5 Shop (probably with Chinese hard working shop owners?!). We ended up in Old Mill Restaurant.

The restaurant was very warm and welcoming with a nice fire place. We had the meal with candle light (heart). Fresh oysters as starter, even for someone who is usually scared of oysters enjoyed it.

The chicken & mushroom pasta was very creamy and yummy. The pepper fillet steak was a bit overdone and the sauce was a bit blend, this was only downfall. The chips and vegetable came with the steak was very tasty.

Overall I enjoyed the meal a lot and the service was good. The main course can be a bit pricey (the steak & other meat courses) but pasta was well priced. I'd give the place 7/10.

Old Mill Restaurant
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